Best Resorts and Spas! Heaven on Earth!

We love spas! Here at The Best Resorts and, I, my one staffer, and a part-time freelance writer have gained a great knowledge of treatments, therapies, and the spa lifestyle. Instead of just being consumers, we want to enhance your experience through our knowledge!

We are your gateway to a world of enjoyment, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Here you will find insight to better fit the spa, the treatment, and the venue to your needs and desires. It may seem a trite expression, but if you and the spa aren’t one, we firmly believe your total experience is diluted.

Let’s fuse enjoyment, relaxation, and rejuvenation, this is the “Spa Lifestyle” and it’s the reason we are here! We will be reviewing and recommending one spa at a time, quality of recommendation is more important to us, rather than quantity. This is a plus; we want this to be a human site, designed for humans. We pledge no cold automated databases! And although we will need to pay the bills, we promise content over flash.

One other thing, Best Resorts and does not believe in negative reviews. If in our musings we find little positive to report or recommend, we will simply say nothing. If you don’t see it on our site, it either means we have nothing to say...or we haven’t recommended it yet! (happily it will most likely be the latter!)

So read on, enjoy, and learn! And do write us anytime for any reason.