Beauty: The Pursuit of the Perfect Appearance

Enhancing beauty is the essence of any spa. To refresh, to refine, and to reinvigorate mind, spirit and body is the goal of every visit. In between our visits, regardless how brief or extended the time in between, we seek to maintain if not reenergize that sensation of glowing wellbeing.

For whatever the reason – money, time or opportunity – much of what we do to spark that glow is done at home. The “Beauty”, as well as the “Health and Wellness”, and “Home Spa” sections of this web portal seek to inform, educate, and demonstrate to you the various resources available. All the while we promise to keep it light and fun!

In the pages below, as well as the many associated links, we provide insight into skincare/anti-aging, Dead Sea treatments, hair-care, and general cosmetics. You will also find links to articles/reviews on treatments, products and access to merchants such as Beauty Salon Parramatta , an authorised stockist and online retailer of Dermalogica, EmerginC and other professional brands. Professional expert skin care advice everytime. Award Winning - Parramatta's Best Skin Care Centre.

A Brief Essence of Skin Care

It’s a simple concept: True beauty begins with healthy skin. But many women, in their haste to look and feel beautiful, ignore or over look this essential truism. And there is no reason to ignore it because, in the tradition of “Keep It Simple Silly (KISS),” we just need to keep a few things in mind:

Grime Kills! Your face is constantly assaulted throughout the day by particulate matter in the air you breathe. The sunshine (thermal radiation) ages and dehydrates your skin. Smoke and various pollutants clog your pores and even your make-up contributes to the end of day “weariness” of your skin. There are many excellent products that will remove dead skin and clean your face, refresh you, and provide a pristine pretty face for the evening or next day’s beauty treatments!

Skin is Alive! That’s not Christmas paper you are wrapped in you know! Your skin is a living, breathing, dynamic organ in its own right. Just like your heart and your lungs, your skin needs to be fed nutrients and exercised to maintain optimal good health. Feed your face. No not your pie hole! Your skin! Always be sure you are not using harmful chemical based cosmetics and cleansers. There are excellent herbal products and remedies for skin care. But if you prefer the science based cosmetics, then just be sure that the chemical composition of your products are healthy for you and not eventually harmful.

Hydrate Up! Your skin will dry out, especially as you get older. You need to moisturize throughout the day, not just in the morning or evening. And bear in mind there is a direct connection between sunlight and dehydration. Not only should you hydrate and moisturize but you should also carry and use frequently sunscreen when out of doors. Hydration and the suns radiation play a major part in the aging process.

Know the Skin You Are In! Are you dry or are you oily? Somewhere in between? The treatments and products are just as different as your skin type. You are unique, treat yourself that way and be sure you are using the right technique and product for your skin.

The Right Cosmetics for You

There is only one right make-up for you:that which enhances your personal beauty and makes you feel good about how you look and who you are. This really is critical because we often try and emulate the “look and feel” of our favorite personality or celebrities; as often as not, the look we are trying to achieve misses because, well, we are not them! And that is ok, in fact, its better than ok!

No one looks quite like you. No one can carry your look as well as you can! And that is really the key to great make up. Discover all the “looks” that are out there (and they are as varied as the people wearing them) and try them (and have fun doing it!). But remember that there are many key issues to incorporate in the make-up design that is you. Not the least of which is what and where you buy.

What do you see when you look at a well put together face? Its human nature to see it as one attractive piece, as a pretty face. Everything comes together in a pleasant whole. But the truth is something a little different. And it’s this truth that makes that hair style or that eye shadow not quite come together on your face (or some body else for that matter). Simply stated, the position/shape of your eyes, nose, mouth, and cheeks changes the basic image you saw on another person.

So the answer to this “quandary” is…be yourself. You are beautiful in your own right, and your choice of make-up and style should emphasize and highlight the strengths of your face and deemphasize the weak (and we all have them – weak chins, unusual nose, deep eye sockets, etc). If we see a look on Sarah Jessica Parker but realize that our eyes are set more deeply than hers, then we must deemphasize that feature before we can take on a similar style. Again, be yourself and have fun! is the largest online outlet for discounted designer skincare and make up!