Bodycare Bellagio Style

This menu of bodycare treatments is a sample only, Spa Bellagio may make changes at any time

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Body Care at the Spa Bellagio

Vichy Shower Body Exfoliation Treatment

Under the healing therapies of our vichy shower, your skin is gently exfoliated with an assortment of aromatic sea salts. This luxurious treatment removes dead skin cells and stimulates circulation, making your skin silky soft for weeks to come.

Body Polish Treatment

This luxurious full body gentle exfoliation treatment smoothes away dead skin cells leaving your skin hydrated and soft. Your skin is brought back to health and radiance- silky smooth and ready for further treatment.

sland Sugar Polish

This decadent full body exfoliation treatment utilizes coconut milk and raw sugar to melt away dead cells and stress, rendering the skin youthful, hydrated, and sumptuous.

Moor Mud Sports Regimen

A post-workout renewal designed to relieve aching muscles and hydrate the skin for deep relaxation. It is rich with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes mixed with pine essential oil to invigorate and relax you in a cocoon of health and healing.

Executive Men’s Back Treatment

A relaxing treatment to target the one area of the body often ignored. It includes a deep pore enzyme cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions along with a repair ampoule massage and a specialty mask to suit your needs.

Lithocal Spa Seaweed Body Peel

This peel is a mixture of red and green natural seaweeds. It re-mineralizes the skin as it exfoliates, firms, and detoxifies. This three on one treatment will relax, hydrate, and nourish your skin.

Fleurs Garden Aromatherapy Treatment

This mood enhancing treatment begins with a body exfoliation to soften and smooth the driest skins. The warm cocoon of moisture using a flower extract cocktail will put you in a state of deep relaxation. A paraffin foot treatment tops off the luxurious wrap.

Detox-Thalasso Seaweed Body Treatment

This effective and energizing treatment utilizes French seaweed rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to boost your body’s own efforts to detoxify and remove excess water weight. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while you benefit from the natural power of seaweed. A contouring cellulite treatment may be added to this treatment.

Egyptian Gold Body Treatment

This full body treatment includes an exfoliation, a hydrating gel wrap, a multi-action care oil with a hydrating body moisturizer. It is completed by a light sprinkling of gold dust to give the face and body a natural luminescence with shimmering highlights.

Green Coffee Contour Treatment

An effective contouring and smoothing treatment that utilizes green coffee, this wrap aids in the reduction of water retention and reveals hydrated, smooth, and firm skin.

Body Glow Bronzer

This state of the art self-tanning bronzer is gently sprayed on, tanning the entire body. Within a couple of hours a beautiful, sunless, and golden tan will appear giving your body a healthy glow. Shaving and showering not recommended for 8 hours after the treatment. The 50 minute version of this session also includes a full body exfoliation treatment to help the tan last longer.

Tropical Moisturizing Body Cocoon

This treatment begins with a luxurious full body exfoliation to remove rough, dry skin. A body balm enriched with mango and shea butter will nourish your skin and tantalize your senses.

Face and Body Care Combinations

Bellagio Signature Face And Body Treatment

This deluxe head to toe 80 minute combination treatment combines the warmth of a cocoon seaweed, mud, or aromatherapy wrap completed with a luxurious facial treatment suited for your skins’ needs.

Tropical Enzyme Escape

A luxurious experience beginning with a full body exfoliation, followed by a warm cocoon of mango and pineapple balm will hydrate and soothe your skin. While wrapped you will receive a facial with cleansing fruit enzymes, an anti-stress massage of the neck and face, and a custom mask to fit your needs will hydrate and nourish your skin.