Destination Spas: A Journey to Personal Wellness

Destination spas are centers of personal wellness, a retreat for the soul. Unlike resort spas or casino spas, destination spas are the journey and the destination. The overriding purpose is physical and mental rejuvenation through exercise, diet and education (re-education?) about healthy lifestyles.

Though there are often times a variety of activities at a destination spa (i.e. hiking, boating, horseback riding), what you will find yourself doing most often is laying aside your worldly cares and turning inward through various means such as yoga, meditation, and learning about your personal wellness. And mostly, you'll do it in a terri-cloth robe. It’s the way of the destination spa.

Rather than present our selection of destination spas in a cold characterless data-base table, we've chosen to list them alphabetically by city. It is less efficient perhaps, but it allows more of our character to show through (grin)!

Below are listed our selected citys, it will link to all recommended spas to which we have posted information.

Austin, Texas

Sedona, Arizona