Hair Salon Bellagio Style

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Hair Treatments

Propolis Scalp Treatment

A deluxe scalp moisturizer, this all-natural treatment is derived from jellied bee propolis from the outer shell of bee pollen.

Les Soins D’exception Hair Mask

Care for your hair with this truly luxurious rejuvenation ritual. Rare ingredients such as phyto-vitamins, lipids, tea tree oil and rich oil extracts from exotic Himalayan seeds are all incorporated into our signature hair treatment. Restores and repairs even the most severely damaged hair.

Facial For Your Hair

A luxurious treatment resulting in immediate lasting brilliance and shine through complete nourishment and restoration of the hair shaft.

Body-Giving Treatment

Hair body emulsion and energizing elixirs are used in this powerful treatment, giving the hair maximum fullness and bounce.

Hair Services

Haircut with Director



Up-Do with Director


Men’s Haircut with Director

Men’s Haircut

Treatment Haircut with Director

Treatment Haircut

Hair Extensions consultation required

Thermal Straightening consultation required

Chemical Services

One-Process Color

Two-Process Color Highlights




Bridal Services

Up-Do with Director


Bridal Up-Do with Director

Bridal Up-Do

Bridal Make-Up starting