Health and Wellness: The Beginning of the Spa Experience

Health and wellness is the foundation of happiness and ties into a greater spa experience. But it’s more than a condition of health or a state of mind. It’s a way of life embodied in many and varied disciplines and philosophies.

Perhaps the relationship between health, wellness, and spas is a no-brainer and better served on the principal pages concerning the various spas. But what I seek to do here is to bring you a more well-rounded approach to topics that are related to Spas but deserving of their own treatment (no pun intended!).

Therapy in today’s spas is really a collection of philosophies and practices drawn from all over the world and from many different disciplines. Bringing these thoughts, styles, and methods into the spas have created a varied and heavenly explosion of sensations, both restorative and simply enjoyable.

Within the pages to come I will discuss Herbalism, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, holistic living, home spa and other related subjects. My purpose is to inform and not diagnose or offer any recommendations (I am not a medical doctor and am not qualified to diagnose or treat any medical condition.). In these pages I will attempt to show how each is related to the other and how they enrich the over all spa experience.

Home Spa

There is something intoxicating about the ambiance of a spa. The release of tension is a palpable thing. The sense of renewal is something precious; so much so that we may spend the rest of our life in pursuit of its revitalizing gift.

Many folks make the spa almost a ritual, I know I do. It really gets under your skin (in more than one way!); you are left with little choice of your own, such an all encompassing sense of balance is hard to find anywhere else. I for one begin to whither without the gentle caress of the trained technician, the stimulating herbal showers, or a hot oil drip.

But of course pursuing and paying are two different things. Most everyone’s financial wherewithal will eventually cry foul when desire exceeds the ability to finance our next “spa fix.” And this unacceptable condition is what led me to consider a few web pages dedicated to the spa at home!

There are a great many things one can do at home to create that special me time. Here we’ll talk about all the ways you can pamper yourself, create your own heaven and push away the outside world – at least for a happy little while!

In the pages that will follow, we’ll talk about how we can bring the scrubs, wraps, and baths into the privacy of your own space. We’ll also illustrate ways to ease pain, relax, and rejuvenate. You may be surprised what the right essential oils, herbs, and candles can do for your day!