Las Vegas Spas: Coins and a Fountain

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The best Las Vegas resorts now include world class spas to celebrate the big win or to sooth away those losses at the tables and the slots!

We have decided to make a separate section on the web site for Las Vegas resorts and Spas because there are such an abundance of them to be experienced. From the Luxor to the Bellagio or New York, New York to the Mandalay Bay, full scale/full service spas have sprouted everywhere!

Perhaps their only real distinction between other spas is the fact that they are collocated in massive gambling establishments. This is actually a positive distinction because there is little difference between these spas and regular resort spas. In fact, the best casinos are actually ultra modern/ultra posh hotels and resorts in their own right.

Some pundits and the understandably misinformed may believe that casino spas are “tainted” by their association or co-location with the raucous party like atmosphere of the casino hotel. For the most part, nothing could be more wrong! To be sure, a poorly considered, poorly designed layout could compromise the peace and tranquility of a spa; however, this is the exception in this segment of the industry.

A perfect example is the Canyon Ranch Spa Club at the Venetian Los Vegas. Designed within 65,000 square feet of luxury on the fourth floor, it’s a world away from the wild casino many floors below. You may as well be on planet “Spa” for all you can tell when cocooned within its glorious walls!

So with the above in mind, lets see how many of these awesome establishments we can find. Follow this link to begin your review: Click here.