Miiamo Bath Treatments


Bathing is a ritual exercised in many cultures from antiquity to today. We invite you to participate in one of our unique baths and experience skin renewal, open your energy flow, or relax your muscles.

Crystal Bath 60/90 Minutes

Imagine a special haven where you can reconnect with that quiet place within, a place of crystal rainbows, heavenly essences and soothing sounds. Using special essential oils to anoint the energy centers of the body, you will be prepared for an amazing journey within. You will slip into a warm aromatic tub with crystals placed around you to magnify your intentions and affirmations. The 90-minute session includes a brief massage and Reiki work.

Hydrotherapy Bath 60 Minutes

A hydrotherapy massage may be one of the most profoundly relaxing experiences you can have. After selecting a beautifully bright aromatic bath salt, step into our hydrotherapy tub with 47 underwater jets arranged in anatomical positions for treatment of the entire body. The body, suspended in this warm gravity-freeing environment relaxes completely. This makes the massage you receive after the bath even more effective and total body oxygenation is enhanced.

Milk and Honey Bath 60/90 Minutes

This is an exfoliating and moisturizing skin treatment for the entire body. After a buffing with a honey scrub you will then step into our warm bath tub filled with milk and honey, allowing you to deeply relax as your skin is nourished. This incredible treatment culminates with a light massage to hydrate your skin, which will be as radiant as you feel.

NOTE: Bathing suits are required for all baths.