Miiamo's Body Treatments


These signature treatments are for those who want to cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify, and nourish skin, body and soul.

Blue Corn Polish 60 Minutes

Native Americans used ground corn to cleanse and purify the skin. We blend blue corn with mineral salt crystals and oil to make a vigorous scrub, which is then rinsed off under the 7 showerheads of the vichy while you relax on the table. We finish with a hydrating massage, leaving you feeling as rejuvenated as the earth after a refreshing thunderstorm.

Body Contouring Masque 60 Minutes

This effective cellulite treatment tightens, tones and firms your most challenging area by boosting cellular activity and improving the elasticity of the skin. A smoothing cellulite cream is massaged into the area followed by a thermal masque to promote detoxification. Immediate results can be expected! If you want 2 areas treated, we suggest booking a second session.

Rosemary Body Scrub 60 Minutes

This treatment, performed in our vichy room, begins with a scrub containing sea salt, sugar, magnesium crystals and a moisture sealant for extraordinary exfoliation and maximum hydration of the skin. Next your body will be massaged with a rejuvenating enzyme lotion with fresh rosemary to invigorate and revitalize. This is an excellent treatment for dry, dull, or sun damaged skin.

Sedona Clay Wrap 60/90 Minutes

This unique high desert treatment begins with a light exfoliation, and is then followed by the application of a mineral rich Sedona clay masque over the entire body to nourish and detoxify the skin. We finish this treatment with a light massage using oil infused with native herbs to balance and moisturize your skin, leaving you feeling wholly refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Jojoba Butter Wrap 60/90 Minutes

The session begins with a gentle sea salt exfoliation to prepare the skin to receive the rich butter crème containing jojoba and shea butter, which is gently massaged into the skin. Your body is then wrapped in warm blankets to allow the rich crème to penetrate more deeply. During this time, you will receive a neck and face massage. This treatment provides unsurpassed moisturizing and protection for skin that has to cope with the effects of stress, pollution, and aging.

Lymphatic Drainage 60 Minutes

This work employs a light rhythmic touch with pressure on the lymph glands to increase the flow of fluid through the lymphatic system. It speeds up the detoxification process and stimulates circulation. This is a specialized technique for maintaining a healthy immune system. For the ultimate detoxifying system, add our Herbal Detoxification Wrap after this treatment.

Herbal Detoxification Wrap 60 Minutes

This treatment begins with a light dry brushing of the body to encourage lymphatic flow. Detoxifying Sedona clay will be applied to the lymph zones of the body. You are then wrapped in herbal infused sheets, creating your own private sweat bath. After your treatment, you will be given an herbal blend of tea to continue the process. This is a perfect treatment to combine with a lymphatic drainage treatment for a total systemic detoxification.

Couples Body Treatments 60/90 Minutes

Share the experience and enjoy many of our body treatments in our beautiful couples suite with incredible red rock views. Excluding our “Blue Corn Polish and Rosemary Body Scrub.”