St Regis Resort and Spa: Quite Possibly the Most Spectacular Resort on the Planet

The St Regis Resort at Monarch Beach, CA is an architectural as well as scenic master piece. From the moment you step upon the property you are instantly soothed by the many flowing fountains. The breeze through the palm trees is delicate and fragrant. Dreams are made of this, you can ask for little more. You are instantly transported to heaven!

...And this is the vision of heaven. Looking outward from the grand patio lounge, the vista of the pool, the championship 18 hole golf course and the great Pacific beyond work to take your breath away! I have had many a delicious tropical drinks from this vantage point; A relaxed professional staff brings your experience to news highs.

Lest you think the interior takes second place to the incredible geography...think again! Just through reception you enter the main rotunda. Stunning marble and delicate blown glass artwork arrests your progress and shortens your breath! While you stare in wonder, an echo of feet can be heard as passers-by also marvel at the hall. Simply stunning to all.

From the bar and lounge, the terrace, the restaurants, and the many other fine facilities of the St Regis, you feel like you are the monarch (no pun intended) in your palace. Your every need is catered to with exquisite attention to every happy detail. I invite you to just ask and see if you ever receive a "no" or a "we are sorry but we can't do that." Whether you are enjoying a light lunch here on the terrace or a stroll on the grounds beyond, your happiness here is catered to with a passion. After all, it’s a hallmark of this five star establishment that the patron comes first.

Not to be left behind, the interior appointments of the guest suites are likewise remarkable. I wouldn’t have found anything to complain about if I would have looked. The suites are roomy, the balcony and full ocean views are dreamy, and the room service is prompt and the food warm. What little time I spent in the room was simply peaceful and restful.

This is the fountain that greets you as you enter the Spa Gaucin at the St Regis. I have received treatments at some of the finest establishments in the country, but the Gaucin employs the friendliest staff and the most professional therapists it has ever been my pleasure to experience. From the moment you enter, the design of the spa is such that distractions are left at the door. Peace descends softly upon you and harmony abounds. This spa has captured the essence of rejuvenation; its friendly staff and superlative facility reach new milestones in achievement. This is truly a matchless spa.

Even the reception area lends it self to quiet contemplation. I sat by the fire here in my thick terri cloth robe and simply sipped on an orange juice and marveled at the calmness of the lobby. Compared to the noisy distraction found in some spas (and especially Day Spas), Spa Gaucin was an oasis of tranquility hard to match. Its still difficult to believe that its just a reception area!

When the attendant said she would show me to my locker I was stunned by the vanity and Jacuzzi area. To call this a "locker room" is to call Paris "another city." This decadent marble shower / sauna / Jacuzzi bathroom is duplicated for women and men. In fact the only coed areas are the reception area and the quiet lounge inside the facility. When I build my next bathroom, I am going to take a lesson from Spa Gaucin!

Isn't this a beautiful treatment room? This is the couples massage therapy suite. I cant begin to recommend it enough that you take your honey and do this! Here the fireplace is always glowing,the therapist hands are always warm, and you get to "lounge" in the glow of your lovers eyes. And the therapists are always discreet; conversation or silence as you wish.

It’s not all decadent self indulgence you know (wink)! There comes a time when all we spa lizards must shed the glorious sloth and...hit the treadmill! The Spa Gaucin also sports a state of the art fitness center. After the facials, the massages, the avocado wraps, the water treatments, and the “to die for” eucalyptus and steam saunas, alittle aerobic excitement is really the best way to get the blood moving again.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of what is arguably the finest resort ever built. There is an air of meticulous attention to detail at the St Regis Resort at Monarch Beach. Spa, Golf, dining and a world class resort, a jewel on the Pacific coast. I hope this article spurs your desire to see it all in person...and if you do, try the yoga on the beach!