Bora Bora, Tahiti-Intercontinental Thalasso Spa and Hotel

Bora Bora, Tahiti

If you can tear yourself away from the dreamlike lagoon reflecting every imaginable shade of turquoise, then you must experience the Deep Ocean Spa (DOS) at the Intercontinental Hotel , Bora Bora. This thalasso therapy spa fits perfectly within its idyllic, paradise surroundings of the peaceful, mesmerizing lagoon on

Bora Bora Thallaso Spa

one side and the powerful, deep ocean on the other. The treatments are based on the healing benefits of the deep ocean; from the Greek, “thalassa”, for sea. Centrally positioned on the thin sand motu (small island), the tropical breezes blow through the open-aired lobby where three continually flowing drinking fountains supply water from the

Bora Bora Front Desk Pacific Ocean depths of over 2,600 feet. The spa specialist assured me that if taken in small amounts, the salt water could have significant curative effects based on its high mineral content. I suppose it was no worse than taking a vitamin supplement, but the immensely strong salt taste prevented me from overdosing. Except for the over-water treatment bungalows with glass window

Bora Bora Villa

floors to gaze at the colorful fish, the spa is outdoors. Following the three DOS philosophies of health, beauty and wisdom, the common area of this nature spa includes meditation gardens experience, showers, steam baths, deep ocean ice bath, a tea lounge with private ocean-facing sitting rooms, and Jacuzzis that have the honored view of the poignant Mt.Otemanu and the lagoon beach.

Bora Bora Villa This sanctuary of peace and relaxation is supplemented by the highly professional staff that exemplifies outstanding customer service and the spirit of the Polynesian culture. The masseuses are also very skillful in performing any of the multitudes of marine treatments dedicated to your individual comfort. The relaxation begins with the Deep Sea

Bora Bora Villa Bedroom

Hydro-massage bath. This multiple jet, bathtub (I’m waiting for my husband to offer to install one in the master bath) performs an invigorating, bubbled progressive whole body massage that causes the bottom half of the body to float in the deep ocean water infused with sensual essential oils. It even incorporates color therapy so you feel as if a wave of beautiful

Bora Bora Villa Deck scarves were flowing over your body. . Keeping with the water theme, the Relaxing Pearl Rain Massage, uses traditional Polynesian monoi oils and the calming effects of a fine, warm, rain shower. Even the masseuse will get the full effect of the rain shower, but I suppose that’s one of the perks of working at the DOS. The “Algospa” Marine Scrub and Wrap is

Bora Bora Villa Bath

an experience beyond comparison. The treatment begins with a massage, sugar scrub and seaweed wrap. Then your entire body is wrapped in a plastic cocoon which inflates with sea water as the color therapy is engaged and the table bed beneath you drops a few inches to give you the sensation of floating in the ocean. It is a truly unique, calming experience, but not

Bora Bora Villa Outside View for anyone that has any claustrophobia issues. All of the massages are exceptional, but I recommend the “Ioarana” massage for the back, neck and shoulders and the craniosacral massage (whole head, face, neck and shoulders). You will leave the treatment room with your head and shoulders floating in the tiare flower scented air. My

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husband cannot stop raving about the Tired Legs “Algo Fraicheur” Care treatment. The massage includes a special topical application on the legs that leaves a long lasting, refreshingly cool, tingling sensation. Your legs will feel like they’ve been in the deep ocean ice bath for several hours after the treatment and your step will have an extra spring, or two, or three.

Bora Bora Sunset If you enjoy everything about the marine environment, then the Deep Ocean Spa is the prime location to rejuvenate your body and mind on a post-card perfect South Pacific island.