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Cruise Ship Spas: Peace and Rejuvenation at Sea

If you thought cruise ship spas were only a shadow of the glory of their land locked cousins, think again!

Today, spas on-board are one of the most popular venues among "cruisers." Of course! It makes good sense. After a long day prowling the port, off in-land slogging on a back country tour, or simply playing hard in the water, what would be better than a massage to sooth those aching muscles(or a facial, or a hydrotherapy treatment, or...)!

Simply stated, spas on-board are no less a staple than a pool, a bar, or a restaurant. And this importance is reflected in the caliber of service and the treatments available. Every year literally tens of thousands of cruisers take a massage, a facial or a manicure while at sea.

The principle purveyor of spa goodness is Spas at Sea, a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure Ltd., and by far the largest provider of the service. In addition to this, Steiner acquired the Greenhouse Spas and the Mandara Spas. This places them in well over 100 cruise ships across all the major cruise lines.

All the cruise ships that offer any spa facilities offer a variety of massages, facials and salon treatments. But with the vast popularity of the spa across the world, you will now find in ever increasing numbers on board spas offering hydrotherapy treatments, saunas, body wraps, and a whole series of treatments for exfoliating and detoxifying. East and West philosophies have merged and they did it aboard ship!

Lets go take a look here at each cruise line and see what their spa facilities offer!