Greenhouse Spa Treatments

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Massage and Facial Therapies


Let our professional Spa staff pamper you with a massage or a holistic face treatment as they bring you to new heights of relaxation. For joint distress and the relief from the soreness excessive physical activity can cause, choose a deep tissue muscle massage; for the ultimate relief of muscle tension, a Swedish massage; or perhaps you and your loved one would appreciate taking time for a couples massage.

Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

- This deep massage warms the joints, ligaments and muscles to melt the aches away.

Swedish Massage

(25 and 50 minutes) - Swedish massage uses Effleurage, Pettrisage, Tapotement and friction to aid the body's internal cleansing system.

Couples Massage

(50 minutes) - Lie side-by-side in the same therapy room as our massage professionals soothe sore muscle and tissue.

Facial Therapies

Experience the ultimate in holistic skin therapy. These facials promise to take your skin on a journey of total renewal.

Elemis Japanese Silk Booster Facial

(50 minutes) - Natural Japanese silk protein or sulfur compresses combine with pure phytoamine biocomplexes to produce immediate results beyond question.

Elemis Japanese Silk Eye Zone Therapy

(25 minutes) - Taking rejuvenating eye therapies to a new level, this treatment combines reflexology with a unique Japanese silk protein compress and our Eternal Synergy range. Only available as part of a ritual or ceremony package.

La Thérapie HydraLift Facial

(1 hour) - An oxygenating facial that uses galvanic stimuli and high frequency to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. By prolonging the life of skin cells and withdrawing deeply embedded impurities, this facial will assist in giving a refreshed lifted appearance while helping blemished or impure skin to heal quickly.

Exotic Body Rituals

Embark on a journey to sensory heaven from the soles of your feet to the tingling top of your scalp. Pamper yourself by choosing from several exotic exfoliation rituals to invigorate, replenish and bring vitality to your face and body.

Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual

(2 hours) - Combining the Japanese Silk Booster Facial for skin vitality with our sublime Well-Being Massage, this ritual will refresh your spirit and strengthen your vital energies. Also available with Japanese Silk Eye Zone Therapy.

Elemis Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual Wrap or Float

50 minutes) - This traditional Balinese coconut recipe polishes the skin while the exotic body oil indulges your senses.

Elemis Lime and Ginger Salt Glow

(25 minutes) - After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously all over your body before our sublime Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied. Your skin is deeply cleansed and polished to perfection before a final application of Exotic Island Flower Body Lotion is applied, leaving the skin glowing and vibrant.

Elemis Strawberry Herbal Back Cleanse

(25 minutes) - Using premium essential oils combined with cleansing Eastern massage techniques, this treatment acts like a facial for the back.

Elemis Total Glow Self Tanning Treatment

(45 minutes) - After light body brushing, warm oil is dripped luxuriously over your body before Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is applied to cleanse and polish. After an application of Exotic Body Lotion, the Total Glow is massaged into your radiant skin.

Elemis Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap or Float

(1 hour 15 minutes) - A heated seaweed mask containing a warming blend of essential oils such as pine and rosemary is applied to your body before you are cocooned in a warm wrap. While you relax, the active ingredients work to ease arthritis, fatigue and muscle spasm.

Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap or Float

(1 hour 15 minutes) - Combining the richness of sea plants and marine algae with aromatherapy, this treatment is deeply detoxifying at all levels. A warm seaweed mask containing a synergy of cleansing juniper and lemon essential oils is applied to your body before you are cocooned in a comforting wrap. While you are busy relaxing, the active ingredients work to detoxify, decongest and stimulate your body systems.

Elemis Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program

(1 hour 15 minutes) - Created by a surgeon in France, Ionithermie is the only therapy available that helps to detoxify the body and offer substantial inch loss after just one session. Combining 21st-century technology with vegetation from the sea floor, you will experience both firming and toning of the body after just one session. For ultimate benefits and detoxification, we recommend you book a course of three on your cruise.

Water Therapies

Spa Water Therapy can bring calm to the day's stress, release tension and alleviate muscle pain. Relax and rejuvenate with nature's natural healer in our world-class Greenhouse Spa and Salon.

Thermal Suite

- With an ambiance similar to a Turkish bath, different grottos and chambers release a variety of dry heat, steam and mists into the air with aromatherapy filled vapors. Relax on a heated ceramic lounge and allow the pressures of life to rinse away

Hydrotherapy Pool

- The bubbling ocean water is rich with trace elements and vitamins, helping to remineralize the body. Gently heated to body temperature, the pool embraces the body with warmth, soothing sore joints, alleviating arthritic pain and offering wonderful relief for sports injuries. Nurture your sensory experience and be sure to enjoy a dip before your scheduled spa packages or therapies.

Bathing Rituals

(20 minutes) - Many ancient cultures use baths for rituals and health. Ancient Greek physicians once believed that the body's capacity for healing was so strong that it only needed a boost in the right direction. They believed that a hot bath infused with aromatic oils was like medicine for the body. As you immerse yourself in one of our baths you will feel stress and tension dissolve. Maybe the ancient Greeks were right. Choose from:

Exotic Enriching Milk Bath

Detox Ocean Bath

Exotic Jasmine Flower Bath

Warming Ocean Bath

Dry Float Bed

- The dry floatation bed provides a wonderful feeling of weightlessness and is used in conjunction with many of our body wraps to provide you with a unique experience. The warmth and motion of the bed assists in the penetration of active ingredients, increasing the therapeutic benefits of the treatment.

Fitness Center and Onboard Recreation

Holland America Line makes it easy for you to stay fit and trim while on your journey with fully equipped fitness centers and sports courts. Fitness centers aboard each ship include exercise and weight training equipment, and sports courts may include tennis, volleyball or basketball. Our broad, generously proportioned teak decks are perfect for walkers and joggers, and when you are finished exercising, cool off in one of our pools. To maintain or achieve optimum health, work with one of our qualified personal trainers or take one of our fitness classes lead by knowledgeable instructors. Fitness classes may include:

Pathway to Yoga:

Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that offers a pathway to enlightenment through specific postures and breathing techniques. We offer a variety of Yoga styles in classes for students of all levels.

Mat Pilates:

Developed in the 1920s by the legendary personal trainer Joseph Pilates, the Pilates method is an exercise system that combines posture and controlled moves. Our class is mat based and appropriate for students of all levels.

Cardio Ki-Bo Circuit Training:

A great combination of Chi-releasing moves including boxercise, kickboxing and aerobic conditioning. We place emphasis on technique and help push you to your cardiovascular limit.


This program features a low-impact water workout. You will effortlessly strengthen tone and energize mind and body.

Pilates Reformer:

The Pilates method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body without building bulk. The Pilates method is not just exercise; it is a series of controlled movements engaging your body and mind, performed on specifically designed exercise apparatus and supervised by trained fitness directors.