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Lake Austin Spa Resort Overview

Lake Austin Spa Resort is an inspired destination spa. We found it to offer a first rate, over-the-top, experience. It has a casual grace and style that speaks of the peace that we found here. And though everything (and we mean everything) makes us feel completely relaxed there, it is clear from the warm and friendly staff, that they take great care and pride in serving up this peace and serenity to their guests.

One of the most startling facts about Lake Austin Spa Resort is the ratio of guest rooms to staff: there are 40 guest rooms and approximately 235 staff/employees. That is almost 6 employees to every guestroom. Considering that a total of 60 guests is the maximum at any one time, you still average just under 4 employees to every guest. In our book this equates to exquisite personal attention and service. This a a degree of intimacy that is very difficult to achieve. But they do it with aplomb!

Though we admit that for our purposes, we always come for the spa, we generally find that the best spas are accompanied by an equally splendid resort. And as we try to find these resorts for our website, this spa is no exception.

The number of activities outside of the spa is almost unending. For water sports there is kayaking, canoing, and sculling (light racing, canoe like boat). If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, the hill country hikes may just be for you. Also, if you are an avid golfer, there are lessons to be had. And for all you guys out there, if you don’t like to dance, beware because salsa dance lessons are also found here.

The above is really just the tip of the iceberg. Inside the resort and around the grounds will be found strength training, Pilates, garden tours, dream workshops, healthy cooking classes, and tours of Central Market; the variety of activities, diversions, and opportunities for self-improvement seem to be constantly blossoming. And we haven’t even talked about the spa!

Without doubt and arguably without equal, the 25,000-square-foot LakeHouse Spa is a master achievement in scale and utility. Serenity by design. Rejuvenation and balance are your companions in this luxurious, purpose built, edifice to the spiritual heart of human wellbeing.

At every turn there are tools to craft a more happy and peaceful you. We found it to be all at once invigorating, sensual, and wilting (in a warm melting chocolate sort of way!). There is an unmistakable rhythm of harmonious spiritual ease and physical well being that we have not found duplicated in but a very small handful of excellent spas. The LakeHouse Spa is a miraculous achievement that must be experienced first hand to be fully appreciated.

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