Makeup Bellagio Style

This menu of make-up treatments is a sample only, Spa Bellagio may make changes at any time

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Make-Up Service Add-Ons

Complement your look with these exquisite treatments.

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

Stimulates, nourishes and deeply moisturizes around the eyes. Within seconds, our enzyme-rich moisturizing creams permeate the eye areas, stimulating your collagen and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultimate Lip Treatment

Lips are exfoliated with magnesium oxide granules that smooth the skin to a silky texture. Collagen-lifting and moisturizing nutrients are applied to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Alpha Lipoic Treatment

The new generation of firming and toning the skin. Includes hand massage.

Hydro Revitalizing Mineral Mask

This multi complex mineral mask contains zinc, copper and magnesium, which helps stimulate the cells by increasing the energy and metabolism of the skin. Includes hand massage.