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Miiamo, Enchantment for the Soul

Few locations exude such remarkable spirituality like Sedona, Arizona. Is it any wonder then that a destination spa like Miiamo would find itself embraced in such a panorama of deep natural beauty, and elegance.

It is the serenity, I think, that first takes hold of you. A sublime sense of peace and comfort rapidly decends upon you as you gaze upon a vista that only god could design.

I believe this to be the classic location from which to enjoy the life altering qualities of a destination spa. The red rocks, the sunshine, and the warm breeze are like a balm to the spirit.

Miiamo is in such a place and is itself a vessel of the spirit, mind and body.

Miiamo Main Entrance

Nestled in this heavenly calming setting, Miiamo will carry you away into a world of simple elegance and total immersion. Here you'll be transported into a universe far removed from the rush and worry of everyday living. Spending a few days here, a week, will invigorate your body, refresh your mind, and recharge your desire for healthy living.

Miiamo Great Hall

As you stroll down the elegant hall, you cant help but notice the attention to detail in every direction. Peace, comfort, and a sense of being cocooned in a place designed to enhance personal harmony is readily sensed.

Miiamo casita accommodation

The rooms (Casita) are peaceful, obviously endowed with a design sense exhibiting a quiet purpose and attention to comfort as well as functionality. They provide a supremely rejuvenating feeling of rest and relaxation.

Miiamo Suite Accommodation

If you have a taste for the finer things available at Miiamo or you are bringing many friends to experience Miiamo with you, then you may want to experience one of their suites, they are a special treat in an already extraordinary spa. If you want more details of the rooms that include floor plans, go to their website

Miiamo Indoor Pool

It may be hard to envision but everyday is not hot here, nor is the regimen of a destination spa so overwhelming that there is no use for an inside spa. Far from it! Look at this and envision yourself lying by the pool. Wouldn’t it be glorious?

Miiamo Outdoor Pool

But lets be candid...the weather here is spectacular and you'll want to try the outdoor pool whenever you get the opportunity. In combination with the views, the natural surroundings and the wonderful western style architecture, its an irresistible temptation to lounge the day away to dusk. Heavenly.

Miiamo Meditiation Rock

Lest we forget, beyond the beauty of the surroundings, beyond the sun and the relaxing design of the spa, the purpose is rejuvenation, introspection, balance. There is the essence of a spa and this is a journey well suited to the wonderful place known as Miiamo.

Below you will find an abbreviated presentation of the spa and fitness activities at Miiamo. We have selected a few highlights to give you a flavor of their services. These are not, by any means, the total offering at Miiamo.

I have removed the prices so as not to falsely represent the cost should their price schedule change in the future. If you would like to see prices now or view them after reading some of the content below, you can find complete pricing



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