What is Your Skin Type?

What is your skin type profile? Do you know the difference between one and another? Do you know what make up to use on your skin type? Do you know which cleansers, foundations, moisturizers, toners, and sun blocks are most suited to your skin? Do you know how to prevent your skin from aging prematurely?

Have you had the occasion to look upon your girl friend and see what a wonderful effect her make up was having on her beauty? Did you then try it, spending wads of cash on a "sure thing," only to find that not only did it not seem to work for you, but it made you itch, break out, or seemed to just "sit" on your face with no benefit?

This is the result of not understanding your skin type. But it goes much deeper than even that. Have you ever washed your face with soap only to feel dry or itchy? Does your sunscreen make you uncomfortable? Do certain spa treatments leave you feeling like "that just wasn't for me?" It all comes down to skin type.

Up until now there wasn't a book so astute, so clearly written concerning skin type as Dr. Leslie Bauman's "The Skin Type Solution."

"The Skin Type Solution" is without a doubt the best book on skin care I have ever reviewed...bar none! Whether you buy this book here or somewhere else, Just BUY IT! It will do you good!

Dr. Bauman, MD is the director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Center, a professor and Chief of the Division of Cosmetic Dermatology. She is eminently qualified to advise upon the topic and provides keen insight into the dos and don'ts of cosmetics.

Within the pages of "The Skin Type Solution" you will begin by gaining an understanding of:

1. The basic qualities of your skin type

2. The issues confronting your skin type

3. Risk factors related to your skin type

You will also be provided a guide for:

1. A care regimen for your skin type

2. Sun protection for your skin

3. Make up that is beneficial for your skin condition

4. Cosmetic procedures that can help your skin (as they apply)

5. Cosmetic procedures that are not recommended for you

You will also receive specitic recommendations for:

1. Skin care products for your skin care routine

2. Skin care ingredients beneficial to your skin type (as they appear on the container)

3. Skin care ingredients to avoid as they are harmful to your skin type.

Take the Bauman Skin Type Questionnaire for Oily vs. Dry Skin:

This section measures skin oil production and hydration. Do not allow your answers to be biased based upon what you "think you know" or what others say.

1. After washing your face, don't apply any moisturizer, sunscreen, toner, powder, or other products. Two to three hours later, look in the mirror under bright lights. Your forehead and cheeks feel or appear:

a. Very rough, flaky, or ashy

b. tight

C. Well hydrated with no reflection of light

d. Shiny with reflection of bright light

2. In photos, your face appears shiny:

a. Never, or you've never noticed shine

b. Sometimes

c. Frequently

d. Always

3. Two to three hours after applying make up foundation (also known as base) but no powder, your make up appears:

a. Flaky or caked in wrinkles

b. Smooth

c. Shiny

d. Streaked and shiny

e. I do not wear facial foundation

4. When in low-humidity environment, if you don't use moisturizers or sun-screen, your facial skin:

a. Feels very dry or cracks

b. Feels tight

c. Feels normal

d. Looks shiny or I never feel like I need moisturizer

e. Don't know

5. Look in a magnifying mirror. How many large pores, the size of the end of a pin or greater, do you have?

a. None

b. A few in the "T-Zone" (forehead and nose) only

c. Many

d. Tons!

e. Dont know (Note: Please look again and only answer e if you can't determine this)

6. You would characterize your facial skin as:

a. Dry

b. Normal

c. Combination

d. Oily

7. When you use soap that sud, bubbles, and foams vigorously, your facial skin:

a. Feels dry or cracks

b. Feels slightly dry but doesn't crack

c. Feels normal

d. Feels oily

e. I do not use soap or other foaming cleansers. (If this is because they make your skin dry, pick "a")

8. If not moisturized, your facial skin feels tight:

a. Always

b. Sometimes

c. Rarely

d. Never

9. You have clogged pores (blackheads or whiteheads)

a. Never

b. Rarely

c. Sometimes

d. Always

10. Your face is oily in the "T-Zone" (forehead and nose):

a. Never

b. Sometimes

c. Frequently

d. Always

11. Two to three hours after applying moisturizer your cheeks are:

a. Very rough, flaky or ashy

b. Smooth

c. Slightly shiny

d. Shiny and slick, or I do not use moisturizer.

Scoring for O vs. D

---see your results of this and other surveys and understand what they reveal about YOUR skin in Leslie Bauman's The Skin Type Solution