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The fountains at Bellagio

The Bellagio Resort Las Vegas is without doubt one of the grandest resorts on the planet; few if any can compare to its huge variety of fine dining, gambling, entertainment, shopping, and spa and salon care. It’s simply stupendous!

There is one attraction that is unique to this resort: The Fountains of Bellagio. They rise and fall to music; they are simply captivating. You will find yourself being mesmerized by their beauty and grace. Go for a Windows Media Player movie of the Bellagio fountains in action!

The Lobby at the Bellagio Resort

This is the lobby area and reception. That’s beautiful hand blown glass on the ceiling! This picture just utterly fails to capture the magnificent colors and the shear breathtaking panorama over your head. It’s stunning!

Actually, when you consider the variety of things splendid in this establishment, is it any wonder that this is just the beginning of discovery. As you walk the halls and passages of this resort, you'll constantly be taken a back by design, form and function. No disappointments here.

From its classic styling to its truly functional yet attractive casino parlors, MGM Mirage has given us, the happy public, another outstanding venue to relax, play, and let our hair down.

Bellagio Resort from Lake Here at Best Resorts and Spas we are quite naturally all about spas.

But I usually like taking a moment to craft an image around the central topic because, well, simply stated, to see the spa without looking at the greater venue is taking away from the experience as a whole.

Below you will see that we cover Spa Bellagio, but I wanted to mention some of the other features of this palace of a hotel.

Much like a well appointed home, the Bellagio is accompanied by a symphony of adorning shops, restaurants, and facilities.

Le Cirque Restaurant at the Bellagio Las Vegas This is the restaurant Le Cirque.

Perched astride an eight-acre lake filled with dancing fountains, Le Cirque is a whimsical jewel box of color and detail, from the star-studded entry of polished woods to the sumptuous, swooping silk-tented ceiling. Le Cirque offers animated surroundings with vibrant French cookery that is by turns rustic and elegant.

Oh, delicious! Sample dishes here.

This is the Circo restaurant.

Osteria del Circo is a bold, bustling highwire act where oven-fired Tuscan cuisine takes center-stage. With playful interiors created by Adam Tihany, this sophisticated three-ring circus crackles with energy, from the gleam of the open kitchen to the Busby-Berkley chorus line of fountains soaring skyward outside.

Heart be still! Sample menu here.

The Picasso Restaurant at the Bellagio Resort Las Vegas This is the Picasso Restaurant.

Soaring cove ceilings, intimate nooks and great bursts of flowers make Picasso a dream of country elegance. French-Mediterranean cuisine takes flight in a room that boasts an awesome profusion of original Picasso oils and ceramics.

Picasso is the proud recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award of Excellence for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.

The food is so "WOW!"

Bellagio Queen Bedroom Plan Before we move on to the Spa Bellagio, I just wanted to take a moment to displays the various rooms, suites, and penthouses.

This is the Queen Bedroom.

I cant believe anyone would spend too much time in their room when at Bellagio, but you do have to crash sometime. May as well do it in style! See the floor plan below each picture.

Bellagio Queen Accommodation Plan

Bellagio King Bedroom

This is the king bedroom accommodation.

From here on out the accommodations becomes more and more "accommodating!"

Bellagio King Bedroom Floor Plan

Bellagio Penthouse Accommodation

And this is the Penthouse. The picture doesnt do it justice. Take a look-see at the floor plan below. I loved it there!

Bellagio Penthouse Accommodation Plan

I could go on at length about the restaurants, accommodations, and all the rest. The Bellagio can keep me talking for hours! But I digress.

Its time to move on to the Spa Bellagio! Lets