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One might be led to believe that a spa within a rambunctious environment like a casino would be less than a good idea on first blush.

But I am here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth. Just look at this lounge to the left. This is not a refuge of peace it is a font and soul of peace.

Baths in the Bellagio Spa

These are the most wonderful hydrotherapy pools ever. I would normally arrive an hour early to simply relax in the lounge a bit, and then head to the shower. Always had a fresh orange juice in my hand. The service is stellar.

I would then take a whirlpool bath to loosen up the muscle groups before my massage. Frankly, the pools are a good "pre-anything." I recommend you indulge yourself, even if all you are there for is a facial. It’s just glorious.

The Pool at the Bellagio And when you are finished in the spa, I highly recommend taking a trip down to the pool at left, enjoying a little sun and tropic atmosphere. But if that’s not what you are up for, I can also recommend the full service, fully equipped fitness room.

Below you will find links to the services offered at Spa and Salon Bellagio. We present it only as a sample, as the Spa Bellagio can change it at any time. It’s simply presented here to give you an idea of what may be found. We have excluded the price per treatment as that too may vary over time. Having said that, this should give you an excellent idea of the universe of services offered. Enjoy!

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