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Spas At Sea

Carnival Cruise line is well regarded as the "Party Cruisers" cruise line. Known as the "Fun Ship Fleet," You'll find this cruise line to welcome all ages. Some believe it is a little more rowdy than other lines and may not always appeal to those looking for peace and quiet.

Still, amidst the party set, Spa Carnival does offer a thoughtful plan for fitness, beauty and spa therapies. From facials to massage to a jog around a track, Spa Carnival does not disappoint.

Disney Cruise Line

If there was ever a happy cruise line, its Disney! With children of all ages in there element of fun and play, is it any wonder parents bring their families to Disney cruise line.

Disney has a unique commitment to children and families. Where else do you find so many activities for so many age groups? From the Disney Oceaneers Club for 3 to 7 year olds, to the Disney Oceaneers Lab for the 8 to 12 year old crowd,there is something to keep everyone happy and engaged.

And what about for the adults? Being that you are here for the spa, never fear. Disney's Vista Spa wont let you down. With up to date fitness machines and a full service spa, you have a place to recover from the pace of the children. See the treatment menu here.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean International is the current title holder of the worlds biggest ship! As you can imagine, just about everything on the ship is big, elaborate and impressive. But its not just this ship, all of RCI's vessels have much to recommend them: 9 hole golf courses, rock-climbing walls, cantilevered whirlpools, youth facilities, and a host of bars (vintage wine bar), restaurants, and launges.

And of course...a spa! (they even have Generation YSPA spa for the younger set)

RCI's on board spas are full featured and rival some resort spas in their offering, staff, and products. Take a look for yourself, this is our latest recommendation: Monarch of the Sea Spa here
and see a wider description of possible spa treatments here.

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn is the state of elegance at sea. Their ships, staff, and service are incomperable. I can't generate enough superlatives to describe the sea of luxury embodied by this cruise line.

Though it is not for everyone - Seabourn's clientel tends to be wealthy and older than average - those who are lucky enough, well heeled enough - this is not a cheap cruise line - and able to partake of all that is offered aboard ship, will be overwhelmed by choice.

The Seabourn Spa is no exception to the above. Every possible amenty you could desire in a spa at sea will be found at the Saebourn Spa. If you would like a short look at the spa menu, look here. If you would like more info about life aboard, look

Crystal Cruise Line

In our opinion, Crystal Cruise Line is in the same class category as Searbourn and Silver Sea. These three make the upper crust of the cruising experience. Yes, you will pay for the privilege, but you will get luxurious value for every penny spent.

Crystal has a well balanced approach to the cruising lifestyle: they believe in balance between wining, dining, entertainment and attention to health and spirit. To this effect, Crystal spa is the only spa at sea that we know of that incorporates the philosophy of Feng Shui. In their own words:

"...Aroma Stone Therapy, Japanese Silk Booster Facial and Well-Being Massage…all enjoyed in the relaxing spa with beautiful Asian artifacts and the peaceful ambiance of Feng Shui. The spa features panoramic sea views, which surround a facility offering sauna, steam, a full-service hair salon and a well-equipped fitness center...."

Celebrity Cruise Line

Celebrity Cruise Line is owned by Royal Caribbean International, think of it as the more luxurious upgrade of the two. Celebrity has large vessels and thus caters to a large group of passengers at any given time. The ships are well crewed and well serviced. If you appreciate an above average cruise but don’t want to pay premium prices, you may enjoy Celebrity.

Celebrity AquaSpa is simply a delight! They pride themselves on treatments they claim are inspired by exotic cultures but rendered with modern technique. And it’s a gorgeous venue to behold, look! This is a partial list of treatments offered at the AquaSpa, take a peek!

Holland America Cruise Line

Holland America (or HAL) is a premium line by most standards. Its a cut above your spur of the moment get-away cruise line. Having said that, its itinerary and offerings are still competitive and will not break the bank. Hal has many themed cruises for all interests, although the average clientel tends to be somewhat affluent, older, and not the party set.

The Greenhouse Spa and Salon (part of Steiner)is HALs offering to its new and return clientel. It has a remarkably wide selection of treatments and therapies. Take a look at their comprehensive offerings here.

Many will remember Princess Cruises from the television sitcom, "The Love Boat." Well, fun as the Love Boat was, Princess Cruise Line today is light years ahead of the TV show in such things as amenities, service, and cabin footage. This is a cruise line for all ages; Princess has a continuous influx of first time cruisers as well as a strong base of repeat clientele. As in most cruise lines, on the shorter voyages will be found the younger crowd, and the more exotic longer voyages will be populated by the older more affluent cruiser.

Whether you are a short-term getaway vacationer or a kick-up your heels traveler, you'll enjoy the Lotus Spa offering of Princess Cruises. The Lotus Spa offers its clients many treatments (or rituals as they call them)such as La Thérapie HydraLift Facial, an Aroma Stone Therapy, an Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program, a Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap, or a Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap to just name a few treatments. If you travel on the Princess ships, Lotus Spa awaits!

Silversea Cruise Line

Silversea Cruise Line is one of those experiences that many of us live once and remember forever. It’s a small cruise line with expensive taste, premium service, attention to detail, a laser focus on the passenger and only four ships. But what ships!

The rooms are all suites, have walk-in closets (on a cruise ship-that’s major!)and many have balconies. There is also 24 hr room service to cater to your sophisticated pallet. This is a first class cruise from start to finish.

Since the ships never have more than 400 passengers (unlike RCI for instance whose largest ship has 3000 passengers), everything feels cozy, classy, exclusive. You will be traveling with people from all over the English speaking world and non-English as well. The average passenger is well informed, educated, and older, but there are always younger professionals to be found.

Silversea runs the Manadara Spas on-board their ships. Voted the best spa at sea, you'll enjoy a vast range of invigorating therapies including: Elemis Aromaspa Ocean Wrap, Hot Lava Rock Massage and Elemis Japanese Silk Booster Facial. You will also find several other forms of massage, saunas, and bath treatments. Most of us run out of money before choice of therapies!

Regent Seven Seas Gruise Line

Regent Seven Seas Cruises (RSSC) is best known for their service and amenities. It is a luxury cruise line with greater than average space to passenger ratio. Its service and attention to detail is well noted. Surprisingly, unlike many other cruise lines, there is no tipping expected whatsoever.

The principle difference in this Line to me is the fact that it’s not a high energy cruise. The clientele is well-heeled and well traveled. They are aboard this line because they are more interested in the destination rather than the daily ship board activities. People who are more energetic and expecting the time at sea to be filled with non stop activity may be surprised at the sedate ship board, between destinations, pace of life.

Carita of Paris is the spa of choice aboard RSSC ships. This European style spa offers a broad range of therapies as well as pools and Jacuzzi hot tubs. Included, but I'm certain not limited to, you will encounter massage, thalassotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, stone therapy, body wraps, facials, steam rooms and beauty treatments in the salon. Give me more!

P&O Cruise Line

The P&O Cruise Line is a British company based out of London; however, as with anyone with the wherewithal, they winter in the Caribbean! They sail to destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Atlantic islands. There are also some transatlantic crossings to the Caribbean or Amazon River.

P&O tends to offer longer trips of fourteen days or more, they also provide 100 day 'round the planet cruises. This is not to say they don’t have shorter cruises, because they do. However P&O excels at the longer voyages.

It’s my impression that your cruise will vary according to which ship you are on. For example, Arcadia and Oceana are considered contemporary and trend setting; they focus on the younger set that's new to cruising, but both attract seasoned cruisers as well. Arcadia is a child-free ship; nobody under the age of 16 is allowed passage. In contrast, Oceana welcomes the youngsters. Artemis is also a child-free vessel.

P&O's spa offering is the Oasis Health and Beauty Spa. Its a botanical themed spa, it’s refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating. You can enjoy a visit to the sauna and steam rooms as an opener or main event. Or instead, go for the latest in facials, manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy or massages. You can also visit the hair salon to have your hair styled for the evening, try a new color or even a new "look." Whatever you choose, the Oasis Spa is all about pampering. And that is the first quality of any spa worth it’s sea salt!

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is for everyone. Their ship types are diverse as is their itinerary of destinations. NCL is a great choice for families, people seeking activity on board, and the budget minded. The trade offs are usually found in the degree of service and the general quality of amenities. This is not a luxury cruise line. But that in no way should be construed as a "knock" against NCL; in fact, it’s this very economy that makes this line an excellent "first cruise!"

NCL spa offering is supplied by Manadara Spa (Owned by Steiner’s of London). Mandara adapted its signature treatments NCL passengers who want to enhance their cruising pleasure with a sense of serenity and Mandara's unique services. Facilities on ships vary from three to eleven single treatment rooms, as well as two sauna and steam rooms accommodating between three and eight people. Since the various ships differ in design and amenities, their will be differences in the spa from ship to ship. If you would like to see a menu of the spas offerings, look here.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is an Italian company that sails all over Europe, the Mediterranean, South Africa, South America and the Caribbean. They offer state of the art ships and a classy Italian atmosphere.

MSC's Spa and Relax is a fine offering consisting of, among other things, a Turkish Bath, Jacuzzis, and wellness packages. And after a full session at the fitness center, the treatment rooms with their heavenly massage treatment awaits!

If you'd like to take a quick look at their clever annual catalog, take a peek

Oceania Cruise Line

Oceania Cruises is a luxury cruise line but at only a midline price point. Their food and service is excellent. They are a destination intensive cruise line but manage a lively between destination activity plan.

Though the ships are certainly midsize vessels you will probably find yourself accustomed to the ship layout in no time. It’s a very casual atmosphere and you are encouraged to dress as you wish. You will find that the dining in their four restaurants is superb!

The spa offering is the Oceania Spa (Administered by Manadara Spa), an oasis for the body and spirit. There you will find an array of revitalizing therapies such as the Elemis Aromapure Facial. If you would like to see more, take a look here.

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