The tranquility of spas!!!

by Amy

I am basically a no-nonsense sort of a person who hardly has any time to get my nails done or sit back and relax. With three kids to supervise and monitor, a household to run, parents to look after, and an at-home job to do, it's a miracle I am still alive and sane!!

Once a year, my husband and I, plus our kids take a vacation for about two weeks! This is the best time of the year for us because we get to be together and have a ball! During normal routine, we only meet at the meal times or on Sundays, but a vacation guarantees quality time together!

Last year, we went to Phuket Island in Thailand. It's a small island which consists of a dozen or more tiny beaches. The most popular among them is Patong beach, where the night life is superb and there is a torrent of tourists to be seen all year round.

We were staying at a secluded beach, a few miles from Patong, where there was a magnificent spa on premises. The few times I went there, I felt as if I was in heaven. The ambience, the feel, the service and the professionalism that reflected from the staff was something to remember.

I have not felt so pampered and well looked after in my entire life! The massage literally put me to sleep and my aching and sore feet cried out loud when they were rubbed and pressed ever so gently!

My husband was happy with the fact that I was able to relax after running left, right and center all year round. He would look after the kids, take them for a dip in the pool or so, and leave me to submerge myself in the serenity of the spa!

I had a smashing time and wish that I could go back again, if for nothing else, then especially for the spa experience.

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