Types of Spas and Descriptions


- Though the name gives some idea of the nature of this type of spa, you might be surprised to see the offerings, and all they can pack in a “day.” From a simple manicure to luxurious water treatments, day spas can provide an experience to rival many of the more expansive spas.

The hallmark feature of most day spas is how they integrate a little bit of luxury in our everyday. If your energy is flagging, a day spa is fuel to the soul!

Examples: Dorit Baxter Day Spa in NY Clinique Ergonique in CA


- This spa could be considered the truest to the concept of health and wellness. Destinations Spas are a font of relaxation, detoxification, rejuvenation, and balance. They are "the reason" for the vacation.

The experience is usually several days long (sometimes a week) and is composed of a well-rounded plan of diet, exercise, and meditation. In the crown of health and wellness, Destination Spas are the principal jewel.


The Well Spa in CA Canyon Ranch Spa in MA


- These spas are usually a principal draw in a resort’s offerings. Derided in the past as a place to drop off the “golf widow,” this underserved image has been blown away by the stellar value of the resort spa to both women AND men.

Its been my experience that the ambiance in a resort spa is rarely exceeded by other spas, with the exception, perhaps, of the destination spa. This is not to say treatments are of lesser quality in other spas, but it is a recognition that glamour, luxury, and shear indulgence coalesce at the resort spa!

Examples: The Montage Resort Amelia Island Ritz Carlton


- These spas integrate conventional medical philosophy with alternative philosophical concepts. The course of treatments and philosophies offer an all-encompassing program catering to your sense of health and well being.

When you stay at this kind of spa your days will include nutrition, fitness, diet, and relaxation routines. Personal trainers are usually at these facilities and will guide you during your stay. Courses can include behavior modification, preventative medicine and a host of other subjects.

Examples: The Pritkin Longevity Center in FL The Medical Spa at Summerlin


- The spas at these facilities often resemble resort spas in their offerings; however, the spa is often a compliment to the principle reason for coming to the casino resort (i.e. fun). This is not to say that their treatments are any less refreshing.

Examples: The Pala Casino in NV The Borgata Casino Resort in NJ