International Spas! The Best Spas the World Has to Offer!

Over the last many months we have been debating whether or not to include an international spa section. As originally conceived, we were going to recommend domestic establishments and leave the world spas to other sites. So much for original ideas!

After numerous requests for international content and a review of the more stunning and incredible offerings around the planet, we concluded that there are a great many to choose from. We propose to display only the most awesome spas in the most breath-taking locations. We believe this strategy will allow a spectacular addition to the site and still allow us to do justice to our domestic coverage.

As you can see below, this page is the key launch point to up-coming venues all around the world. Our selection comes from a contributing editor who recently visited the South Pacific. Over the next many months we will add additional luxury locations to the list. Enjoy!

Bora Bora, Tahiti